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We do a lot Of work at RACR and we would like to share this with you by posting photos and videos from all aspects.



image5 (1) Brandy saying thank you and goodbye to the dog warden as we went to fetch her on her last day at the pound. she was severely obese weighing 30 KG! she couldn’t walk and just panted. She’s lost a whopping 17KG in rescue and is a fit, healthy and happy girl.





image3 (1)

Some animals  need a little TLC when they come. Tizzy arrived in a cat carrier soaking wet and urine soaked. she also had cherry which we had operated on. Tizzy had a bath and full groom as you can see










452500824816066Due to a high demand of cats needing rescue spaces we now have a double cattery to house more cats until foster homes are available.








746562582076554We do grooming also and this little man is a regular named Bob, a lovely little boy.








imageTroy is an elderly Doberman aged 10 years old who is a long term stay. He sadly came in when his owner couldn’t manage him anymore as he got a little snappy. We have found out why since being with us and it’s due to aching joints. His front right elbow and back left leg and hip have become stiff and painful. Troy is on medication for the rest of his life now. Troy also,suffers severe anxiety seperation to the point that if one person leaves the room he stresses very badly screaming and howling, clawing at doors. We are working on this gently with him to help keep his anxiety levels down and he is making progress. We will update Troys story and add photos as it image




image21/5/16. Elmo who was known as Prince came in to rescue as he has serious aggression issues when people come into the home environment and has bitten before. He also has a severe skin problem which includes mange and yeast build up. He is being treated for this and in special diet. Elmo will stay with us until we have resolved aggression issues and his skin is healed. Once sorted he will go up for adoption, but could be some months. 







This is one of three cats and a kitten that came to us via a social services case. All flea infested and this girl so badly so she has no fur on her back end. This girl and another are very heavily pregnant also. They are all in a foster home being cared for where they will have their kittens and then be spayed and vaccinated ready for adoption.






imageThis boy is coming to us this week (14/6/15) from the pound as death row. Poor boy is around 13 years old and not claimed. He will be assessed fore being able to be adopted. He will be as with all dogs in a foster home.








imageBusy days at the rescue, not only animals in for rescue, vet runs and animal care but some animals who come in for boarding also. This girl is Cash, a 5 year old cockatoo who comes for boarding. She’s very friendly and like to follow us all here around. Here she is with Vicki one of our cat fosterers who also has a mummy and baby room for cats, a cattery  and helps rehabilitate the more difficult cats.







Heidi came to RACR after living in a cahe due to allergies which caused mange. After treating the mange and putting on a hypo allergenic diet she recovered well and grew back a full beautiful coat.







Sunday  day emergency visit to the vets where me and Vicki took Charley as he had managed to find and eat a cooked chicken bone which was lodged in his upper intestines.










Some dogs need help to get healthier. Bonny weighed 6kg when she arrived. She is now weigh her perfect weight at 2.6g.












The cattery has new flooring in the run.












Fundraising to raise as much fund as we can.










Socialising scared dogs as much as possible to help them trust people.












Enrichment to help drain mental energy. This is a snuffle may you hide treats in.












Some cases can mean multiple animals are taken and in our care.












Below are photos of an abandonment case we did the summer of 2016. We was contacted by a member of the public about two dogs left abandoned and the owner had moved out. We went to the address and found the two dogs in a boiling hot room full of urine and faeces, dehydrated, panting and emaciated! We also found a dying python! We called for police assistance to gain access to the property and them seine the animals and relinquish to us. The dogs was given a body score of 1 by the vet and the snake died. They were days from death! Under our care and in foster homes both dogs made a full recovery and after the court case ended, their foster families adopted them. The owner was sentenced to a 2 year suspended jail sentence. Life time ban of keeping animals and to pay the court fees!


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