Rescue Procedures

All rescues should have good set procedures and ethics. If you go to any rescue to surrender or adopt an animal you should be looking to ask the rescue questions on these and the rescue should be happy to answer all your questions. It is also wise to ask visit the rescue centre or foster home if they don’t have a centre to make sure all the animals in their care are well looked after. Not all rescues are good rescues and some don’t vaccinate, neuter or provide a proper enriched environment for the animals in their care!

Any animals coming in as strays will remain so for 7 days until an owner can be traced and given chance to claim their pet back. After that time the animal will legally be responsible to RACR and go up for adoption. Any costs incurred in the 7 days will have to be reimbursed back to us when claiming your pet back. Routine vaccinations and micro chipping ( if not already done) as well as a vet check is carried out instantly on any animals handed into us for their own welfare.

Surrendering an animal:

Anyone surrendering an animal to us will have to sign a relinquishment form so the animal is legally signed over to RACR. Once signed over you cannot change your mind! We do ask for a minimum donation of £30 to help us cover towards care costs for the animal/s whilst in our care. 99% of all animals, cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets coming in to us will need vaccinating, neutering and chipping and any medical treatment given that is needed, as well as food and litter costs and petrol costs covering. Smaller animals like Guinea pigs and rodents we ask for a small donation to your own discretion. Once the animal/s are in our care we cannot tell you where they have been re-homed to, but we are very happy to inform you how they are doing and that they have found a home.


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