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Sadly we are closed to intake currently due to a big vet bill of £704 we need to pay ASAP. This is because all our funds were drained with little Lu’s vet bill of £5,000! We need to raise funds to pay it off and then We will also need to build some funds up before we can take anymore in as all the animals are vet checked, vaccinated and neutered before being adopted!

Please if you can help at all, even a single pound helps us so much, we would appreciate it. We are having to turn dogs and cats away each day due to no funding 😔 you can donate the following ways:

PayPal, (please select friends and family so no charge is made)

Direct to our vets (please state on the phone it’s RACR dogs account)
Churchcroft Vets, NG9 4AT, tell ‭0115 922 4855‬

Direct to our rescue bank which is:
Rescue bank
Sort code 77-22-12
Account number 31744860

Thank you all for your wonderful support. We truly appreciate it.





We are looking for volunteers to help us and join our team.

We currently need volunteers in our cat division to help care for the cats with general cleaning and care.

Dog Walkers. We need dog walkers at our dog divison. Walkers must be responsable and not let dogs off the lead and pick up poo. Experienced walkers also needed with difficult dogs and those in for rehabilitation.


We have set up sponsorship for Charley our sanctuary shih tzu who has dementia. The sponsor is £2 per month, pay via bank standing order. You will be added to a private group all about Charley and his life, new updates exclusive only to you on this group. You will receive a welcome pack which contains 2 token gifts and a welcome letter. Funds are to help with food, vets and all his care. If you would like to sponsor Charley, please email us at for our bank details and link. You must show proof you’ve set up standing order and payment to be added to the group. This can be done by a screen shot. We will require your full postal address to send you your welcome. Thank you for your support.



**Sadly despite our best efforts little Lu took a turn for the worse left us for Rainbow bridge. We still sadly need to lay the remaining bill which is £700 left from £5k  before we can re open and take more animals.

Lu, Yorkshire Terrier in critical condition.

Lu (a 10 yr old yorkie) came in to rescue due to biting issues. She didn’t display this here and we started her vaccinations. She was underweight slightly so we booked her spay, dental and mammary removal for three weeks time so she could gain weight. In this time she was happy and playful. On the 8/3/18 she went for operations but arrested on the table! They brought her round and steadied her heart rate. Her dental wasn’t done but the spay and mammary removal had been. Once her rate was steady she came home. An hour after being home she was passing blood out her back end in large amounts! She went in to cardiac again so we rushed her back to the vets. The vet said she needs an urgent blood transfusion so we went back and took our German Shep back to get blood. Her body rejected the blood so the next step was to take the plasma out the blood so she wouldn’t reject. The plasma was transfused in to her which started to stabilise her. We had a 10% survival and she stayed at the vets for the next 4 days in ICU and 24 hour care there. The vets have been amazing! She has slowly progressed and we’ve been able to bring her back and put her in Intensive care here. This is hourly obs, feed her, clean her up and clean the cage. She’s on fluids via a drip twice a day in which we inject medication in to and then pain Meds injected daily. She is to see the vet every two days for checks. The cause of this is blood clots in her system with pancreatitis! She is still critically ill. Her bill so far is £4608! We’ve paid £3000 but that’s our funds completely gone now! We need to pay the remaining £1608.33 asap and then of course we need funds for continuing treatment until she recovers. I myself have taken a £500 loan out now to pay some off. I cannot afford more than that sadly as I’m already paying food and litter costs.

WE ARE DESPERATE FOR FUNDING! Please, please, if you can donate, even £1 then it helps so much. There’s over 1k members on here so £1 each would be amazing? Maybe share this and asks friends to donate and share?

You can donate direct to our vets, see photo with vet details on.

PayPal is (please select friends and family so there’s no charges)

Bank details are: ( please screen shoot payment and send us so we can keep track on amounts we are raising)
Sort code 77-22-12
Account number 31744860

you can pay direct to our vets, please say it’s RACR dogs.

Churchcroft vets, tel 0115 922 4855

Thank you for your support from all at RACR.





Pound For A Paw.

Welcome to Pound For A Paw. Pound For A Paw is a fundraiser to help us raise some much needed funds to help pay for vet bills, waste disposal, food, litter and flea treatments. So this is how it works, our wonderful supporters who would like to participate, pledge £1 a month to RACR via PayPal, bank transfer or cash donation to us each month. The pledge opens at the start of each month and you can pledge your pound or donation until the 23rd of each month where it closes for that month. Now here comes the best part! Those who pledge a pound or donation are entered in to our monthly draw to win prizes. The prizes are home made dog or cat treats (winners please notify us of which you require, dog or cat) and some treats for the human two legs also. Every now and then we might throw in a mystery prize. Each pledgers name will be added to that months album on this group. Anyone can pledge so please feel free to share to family and friends. This will be an on going fundraiser every month so why not set your pledge or donation to go out monthly? Once your pledge is received we will add your name on the list. If sent via PayPal we will post a screen shot of your pledge in the album. If you send via bank transfer please can you screen shoot your payment and send to us so we can verify it as unfortunately we don’t have access to online banking to check.

How to pledge via PayPal, our PayPal address is (please state in payment reference * Pound For A Paw* ). Please select family and friends and then no charges are made.
Please contact Andrea Cuthbert or Vicki Slater for the rescue bank details or address to drop cash donations in.

We are really hoping this kicks off and our wonderful supporters pledge or donate just £1 each month. There is over 900 members on this group so as you can imagine this can raise a lot of funds for us, especially if we all share this for others to help. You’re amazing supporters and we appreciate all the donations we get.

Thank you.

This fundraiser is active on our Facebook book group also, please click the Facebook button on this page.



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