Microchipping Service

Our cost to the public for chipping is £10 per animal & the service  requires an appointment to be made and to come to us at Nottingham NG5 ( Hucknall a road near city hospital) Call 07765016101 to arrange an appointment.




To help save funds and help raise funds we do our own micro chipping on all cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets that come into us, as well as offering this service for a discount rate to the public. I am qualified and have a certificate for attendance and pass of the course. We register on-line so the animals are covered instantly and certificates are received by post usually 4 to 7 days after.

Vets usually charge around £25 for micro-chipping, however we are able to keep the cost so low because we don’t have expensive overheads & as a rescue, we want more animals to be micro chipped to help find owners when pets are brought into us as strays. It makes our job easier!

Our cost to the public for chipping is £10 per animal & the service can be done in your home if you are located in NG5 postcode of Nottingham, or at my home in NG5. Call 07765016101 to arrange an appointment.


**It is law that from the 6th April 2016 all dogs must be micro chipped and the details up to date.

Please do not request an appointment on here, as this page is not monitored for comments, please call 07765016101 to arrange an appointment or contact Andrea via Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/racr.rescue?fref=ts


Thank you 🙂


  • Mick Williams says:

    Where are you located we are looking into getting our new gsd chipped.

  • sean bamford says:

    When & where is next free micro-chipping for dogs in Nottingham? I am getting a pup in next couple of weeks and want to get it chipped.

  • Nottingham Rescue says:

    Hi Sean. I’m not sure as its Nottingham City Dogs that do that. If you call them or ask in there facebook page I’m sure they will tell you.

  • Nottingham Rescue says:

    On Hucknall road opposite the city hospital. Please call us if you’d like to make an appointment

  • Chay says:

    I’ve just took 3 of my dogs to be chipped. Really friendly service by genuinely caring people – not like some very clinical, uncaring vets!!!! 2 of my beauties are tiny maltese terriers and they were handled with loving care – which is what they are used too 😉 The lady kindly scanned a 4th dog who was chipped previously but I’d lost my paperwork! Dogs gave me a sad look going home as I’d told them they were going for their chips: they were obviously thinking “fish and chips” not “microchip” lol 🙂 Highly recommended from all of us: that’s human and dogs 😉 All my dogs are now sleeping happily with their chips intact!!! Great Service & Great Price!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! X

  • Vin says:

    Hi, quick question, Ste your chips valid for
    Cat passports? I appreciate you can’t do the rabies
    Jabs but it would seriously reduce the vet bill on our
    Three kits.

  • Nottingham Rescue says:

    Hi. All our micro chips are valid to go on passports.

  • christine bales says:

    I wud like to mirco 4 puppies but I am only keeping a girl for myself so how do u go on when I haven’t got customers yet … do u chip the puppies and then send on the details when I have the info of new customers ??? C.Bales p/s my address is ng56rx

  • Andrea says:

    Hi. When the puppies go to their new home you can either give the owners the details to register themselves or you do it for them.

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