Adoptive homes:

Anyone adopting from RACR will be homechecked, vet checked and authority checked. If you adopt an animal to young to be neutered/spayed at the time then we require that you have them done at the right age (5-6 months old) and show proof to the rescue, the animal will go with a neuter and spay contract stating this and to be signed by the adopter.. If concerns are raised to RACR that the animal you have adopted is being neglected, or any concern for its welfare, we have the right to investigate this and if need be remove the animal and take it back into RACR. Microchips are the new owners responsability to transfer ownership straight away for dogs under the new laws. Any chilled animals we are contacted about still registered under us, will come back to us and should you’re details not be up to date and we cannot contact you, nor have you contacted us, then after the 7 days we will re home the animal again. Adoption fees are Non-refundable if the animal has to come back into rescue! RACR ALWAYS OFFERS RESCUE LIFETIME BACKUP AND THE ADOPTION FORM STATES THEY ARE TO COME BACK TO RESCUE IF YOU CAN NO LONGER CARE FOR OR KEEP THE ADOPTED ANIMAL.

Should for some reason in the future, you are unable to keep the animal , it has to be returned to RACR. Under no circumstances should the animal be re homed, sold or passed on by yourself. Adoption fees are Non-refundable if the animal has to come back into rescue!


Veterinary Care:

All dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets are fully vaccinated, neutered/spayed and microchipped before adoption and they leave with an adoption lack that contains their vaccination cards, 4 weeks free insurance for you to register and claim and other leaflets. Cats can be snapped tested on request and at the cost to anyone interested  in adopting cat before the adoption proceeds. All animals are health checked and any that are ill or injured are seen regularly by our vet until they are given the clear and recovered.

Foster Homes: 

All fosterers are home checked and authority checked before being able to foster for us. Foster forms will be signed for each animal, as will a form stating any equipment or property loaned to the fosterer (cages, collar, leads, tags etc) and that the property must be returned to the rescue. Should it be lost or damaged by neglect, or given away then the fosterer is to replace the property or pay for it to be replaced. Anything lost or damaged due to accidents the rescue is insured for. Fosterers wanting to adopt their foster animal must tell us straight away because if anyone enquirers about the said animal, wanting to adopt them we follow through that enquiry as it is first come first serve status. The same procedure applies to fosterers wanting to adopt as it does to members of the public including the cost of the adoption fee. Some fosterers may need to be available to take their foster pet to our vets  (All Creatures Vets in Radcliffe On Trent) for vaccinations, neutering or any illiness or accidents that may occur n their care (please contact the rescue first)



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  • Anthony Bottoms says:


    Are you taking rabbits for adoption ?
    I have 6 mini / dutch lops. about 6 months old.

    07713 995286.

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